About Us

042viBes is fully Registered Nigerian Entertainment Blog which promotes Entertainment (Music, videos, events etc..). We’ve been around for Four(4) years and we still counting. You can contact Us HERE

We Offer the below Services;

1. Event and show Promotions

Promote your shows at 042viBes and get it spread across targeted entertainment lovers, and see your events and shows crowded and turned.

You stand a chance of getting all Nigerians know about your next event and shows as we will publicize them to over 1million online event and entertainment followers.

contact us today, we will take your event/show promotion to the next level

what you do:

You organize artists and comedians to come make your event a memorable occasion, you add up a fee for Regular, VIP, VVIP, Table of 10 etc.. and then people are attracted to your events because of the popular artists and comedian you have put in your event.

What we do:

We publicize your event, broadcast is to the whole Nigerians and beyond, they see what your event is all about and they run with their friends to your events because they’ve heard of it. In this way you get more people to occupy your seats and VIP sections.

An event/show not heard of is good as an event not attended! Hook up to 042viBes.com today, we are the best event promoters in Nigeria! No matter the location of your event, we would always target audiences closest to your events location.. and send them to flood your chill.


2. Music uploads publication and promotion

042viBes.com is the best online platform for music promotions, artists can get their song uploaded and promoted massively on 042vibes.com. Artists stand the chance and opportunity for his/her song to be downloaded and played accross multiple Nigerians (over 700,000) who follow our entertainment platform.

For just a little token, you’d achieve your heights as a musical artist. We offer several packs of promotions which are determined by the artist’s song. Call us now for more details

You’ll definitely be impressed once you leave your online promotions in our hands.

Services covered in music promotions.

1.) One Month Hype on social platforms.

2.) Artist Promotions accross our website featured contents.


3. VIP Promotional Services

This is a VIP promotional service offered by 042viBes.com where by the opportuned artists get their songs featured for

1.) MTN/GLO/Etisalat/Airtel caller tunes.

2.) DJ Mixes across popular Cities and States in Nigeria; Enugu/Lagos(Alaba Mixtapes)/Abuja/Portharcourt etc.. With hot. Popular and genuine marketers.

3.) Radio features on several popular radio stations across the above mentioned states and cities.

4.) Our VIP promotions which includes loads of extra features not mentioned here

Just let us handle your music promotions while you relax and enjoy the viBrations.


4. Professional graphics design

042viBes.com has a bunch of wild and dope graphics/3D/animation designers with great qualifucations and experience.

They will handle your album, song, event, video and show graphic designs with professional skills and will definitely deliver to give your artworks a flourishing, genuine and standard look

Give us a call to get your dreams started, with just a token of charges. We are hardworking and experienced, we’ve been in existence since 2013 and not relenting…

Contact us for further inquiries and you’d surely come back the second time.

5. Artist and talent management

042viBes.com has a list of Experienced Managers who are gurus in getting shows and concerts for the lists of artist we manage. Talented singers and rappers who are good and genuine are not adviced to sit and wait for miracles, contact us today we have the capabilities to make your dreams come through.

Artist we Manage gets the following.

1.) Insured Promotions
2.) insured music
3.) production by a popular producer suggested by our counselling team.
4.) copyright insurance
5.) insured performances in concerts and shows
and many more.

Aside musicians we also manage and promote varieties of talent, actors, dancers, producers, directors etc.

We deliver the best at 042vibes.com
Contact us today for more details

You can contact Us HERE