Danfo Drivers accuse Tekno of stealing Jogodo

Danfo Drivers accuse Tekno of stealing Jogodo

Well Tekno’s recreation might have been mistaken for a copyright infringement on his latest single “Jogodo” which has same Title with Professor Linkin song Jogodo released in 2005 and has similar rhythm with Danfo Driver’s Kpolongo which was also released in early 2000.

Danfo Drivers had said in an interview on headies award night that they are very upset with the singer Tekno for allegedly stealing their work without permission.
They further revealed that they are back in lagos for him.

This copyright infringement might turn out to be a serious one if not settled amicably. According to Danfo Drivers;

“Tekno dey owe us money o… Tekno dey make us vex and if I catch am e no go like me… you just come dey carry pessin song dey go dey sing… God save am because we no dey Lagos,
now set we don enter Lagos, na because of Tekno we don come here… if I catch am…”

LOL The Ajegunle stars who reigned in all part of Nigeria during the early 2000, are already vexed up with Tekno.

The point is that Danfo drivers released a song Kpolongo which has same rhythm with Tekno’s Jogodo, the originator of Jogodo have been spotted to be an Ajegunle Artiste Professor Linkin which he released in 2005.

Danfo Drivers are saying Tekno shouldn’t have recreated Jogodo from their song Kpologo! We expect Professor Linkin to be the one coming up with a sue and Maybe not Danfo Drivers.

Tekno is yet to respond to this claim by Danfo Driver… Mean the video for Jogodo drops officially tomorrow 10th May 2018.

Enjoy this viBe!!!

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