Wizkid Flashes The iLLuminati Sign!

The stories and secrets behind wizkid success is still presumed to be from God, and no other source, Yes he is Talented and he delivers. Wizkid celebrated his birthday yesterday… it was on a lowkey; no much awareness were done. Today i was about to post a new song from MayD which featured wizkid “Bamilo”, and i reviewed his Instagram page and i found a pic which he posted on his birthday, displaying the so called OK sign. Some call it the illuminati sign.

Wizkid has been considered the best successful act from Nigeria, as he has been banging collaborations from Both Nigerian artists and Likewise artists from the United States. Recently, he already have hot Jams with Drake, Chris brown, Tyga, Wale, French Montana, Tinie tempah etc.. we’re still expecting loads of tracks from unexpected American artists like 2Chainz, Rihanna, JayZ! Could all these success be as a result of some hidden information and activities? i don’t want to think Wizzy sold his Soul to the devil.


Some say the sign belongs to the devil, it’s the sign for¬†iLLuminati, while some say it’s just a common swag. Never wanted to start this topic here… i only did when i read comments from this pictures on Instagram. Happy Birthday Wizkid and wish you a whole load of more successful years.

Today in the music Industry, Artists do everything possible to get to the top, and blow Up. Wizzy is in no doubt to be in competition with alot of people, Davido is one of his competitors! Davido once announced the release date for B.A.D.D.E.S.T Album, and then we waited and waited until wizkid announced his own international Album which was meant to drop too! since then we’ve not seen Davido and his Album. That’s a good replicate of competition. And this is why Artists do Alot of hidden things to get to the Top.

Enjoy this viBe!!!

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