Wizkid Promises a Come Home Charity Show in Nigeria 2017

CC: @wizkidayo (Wizkid Promises a Come Home Charity Show in Nigeria 2017)

Still with the viBe up in anticipation of the SFTOS (Sound FFrom the Other Side) album by wizkid which is filled with international collaborations, wizzy took to twitter few minutes ago to announce a come home charity show in Nigeria 2017, which should happen in Four Stadiums in Nigeria.

After Wizkid missed the home show he previously announced in 2016, seems this foreseen show should be the happening gist around cities of Nigeria.

He also promised to give back all the proceeds back to the state at which the show was held… Is wizkid the first Nigerian Artist to do this? Thought rumors said wizkid doesn’t do well in charity?

See wizkid’s tweet below;



Enjoy this viBe!!

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