Spectrum Entertainment Presents Excavated Music/Dance Talent Hunt 2015

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YES YES YES! and here is that opportunity you’ve been longing to hear about! It’s Spectrum Entertainment one of the biggest Entertainment in the South East region, the Opportunity is here again for you to live your dreams and nurture that initiative you’ve been dreaming for!.


With the rave of different musical talent hunts ranging from Glo Naija to project fame to peak talent hunt, etc, a new talent show called Excavated is about to berth. The twist however is that it is a Music and Dance Talent Hunt poised to identify, encourage and promote exceptional talent in these areas. The competitions would display raw genius and giving opportunity to albeit unknown young but talented people.

Everywhere you look in this great country, you find tremendously talented individuals waiting to be discovered. Yearning for an opportunity to showcase their unique talents for the world to see the champion that lives within their dreams!

The Excavated talent hunt show was created for the sole purpose of discovering that champion lurking within. Underlining the message of the project “It’s in You” campaign.

The competion seeks to discover and develop individuals with special talent in dancing, music and any talent with a viable entertaining value.

At Excavated, we believe that every individual is talented. And with this show – everyone with any special talent will be given the opportunity to bring to fore the star within.

Now you are interested?
Auditions are starting soon and they are holding in Enugu,Enugu State soon
Winners will take home prizes
1st Prize: Music video shoot, 2 years recording deal and 2 pages Interview in Spectrum Magazine
2nd Prize:Music promotion, 2 years recording deal and 1 page Interview in Spectrum Magazine
3rd Prize: Music promotion, 2 years recording deal and half page Interview in Spectrum Magazine
Ist Prize: Registration to Maltina Dancehall,Dance video shoot, 2 years Contract deal and 2 pages Interview in Spectrum Magazine
2nd Prize: Registration to Maltina Dancehall,Cameo Appearance in many musical ideas,2 years Contract deal and 1 page Interview in Spectrum Magazine
3rd Prize: Cameo Appearance in many musical ideas,2 years Contract deal and half page Interview in Spectrum Magazine
NOTE:Every applicant in the music category is entitled to promotion of one of his or her song in our mix tapes…So everyone is already a winner.


Application for prospective contestants shall begin on Monday,14th September,2015.
Application fee is N3000 (three thousand Naira only) for solo acts and for groups. Fees are payable only into the company’s bank accounts.

Applicants can obtain the form in our office at No. 21A Edinburgh Road,Ogui New Layout,Enugu.

Pay in the sum of #3000 to any Access Bank branch

ACCOUNT NAME: Spectrum Entertainment

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0057951498

then send in your name and teller number to this phone number


Contestants can apply through either of two ways:
1. Download the application package form HERE, fill and submit the form along with original teller at
Spectrum Entertainments office at No. 21A Edinburgh Road,Ogui New Layout,Enugu or any of our other application centers/outlets.
Applicants outside Enugu are urged to download the form, fill and submit to our mail address

Application package shall consist of an application form, a Legal release form,
At the end of the application period, there shall be a week long period for processing and collating all applications.
Within this period, applicants shall be contacted through text messages and email to be informed of the details of their audition. A list of the audition schedule shall also be put up on the competition’s website and face book page.

for more info on how to apply or other relevant news, kindly visit or send us a message to .You can like our page @ www.facebook/Excavated WORLD or follow us On twitter @spectrumbuz ..BBM Pin 58f777f3 For further information call -07036090328,08060874411. This event is powered by K.B.M Gang.
Sale of forms close on 7th of November,2015.1st Screening date is on the 8th of November,2015 at Ascot Resort,New Heaven,Enugu by 3pm prompt…

So come on be the star that you are, the sky awaits you.


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