Music: Simi X Tiwa Savage – Men Are Crazy

Music: Simi X Tiwa Savage – Men Are Crazy

Nigerian singers Simi and Tiwa Savage have collaborated on a new song called “Men Are Crazy.” Produced by Estarlik Big Fish, it’s a catchy tune with lyrics about relationships’ ups and downs. The song acknowledges that men can be unpredictable and sometimes cause heartbreak but also highlights the attraction between men and women.

Men Are Crazy” is a relatable track for women, capturing the messy side of love. It encourages honesty and vulnerability in relationships.

Men Are Crazy

This collaboration between Simi and Tiwa Savage is significant because it shows the power of female solidarity in the music industry. They’re breaking barriers and inspiring other female artists to collaborate more.

Overall, “Men Are Crazy” is more than just a song; it symbolizes female empowerment in Nigerian music. It represents hope for a future where women have a stronger voice and work together to make a difference.

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