Pupa Tee is a talented singer, songwriter, and graphics designer who enjoys being creative and impacting lives through his music. He has released great singles over the past years. Pupa Tee Needs your help!

We met this talented and decent individual back in Lagos a few years ago; he’s a fun, happy, and generous individual who loves and enjoys creating good music. Unfortunately, learning that he’s striving for his life due to kidney problems did touch us at 042viBes; we have put up this article to help Pupa Tee raise funds for his surgery. To everyone reading this, no amount is too small to help save Pupa Tee’s life and get him back on his feet.

Pupa Tee has delivered some great singles such as “For Me“, “Not Getting Younger“, and “Money No Go Disappoint“. While we continuously pray for him, we urge you to help in any way you can, either by donating using the information below or by sharing this and spreading awareness to help save Pupa Tee



Official statement from Pupa Tee; 

Good day to all my family and friends; I don’t usually do this because I am desperate and need your urgent support.

I am David Adetola Adelaja and I have been battling with a life-threatening health condition and am in urgent need of a kidney transplant. My kidney has been deteriorating since the age of 13, I am now 34 and my condition is worsening. I have been struggling with my health and I had a poor quality of life for nearly 3 decades. All my dreams, hopes, and aspirations have been put on hold due to this debilitating condition. I have been unable to pursue my career and have not been able to progress with my education. Having lost all hope and struggling mentally as well as physically.

This has taken a tremendous toll on me and my family; every member of my family’s lives has been put on hold to support me morally, emotionally, and financially where they can, as I am still undergoing dialysis three days a week.

I have exhausted all my options and now must turn to the public’s benevolence to support me in raising funds. I have found a genuine donor but needs a total of 25 million which is equivalent to £15,000 for the treatment. Since last year, family and friends have successfully raised 22.5 million naira so far, but i still have 2.5m to pay so that the treatment can commence by the end of this month. We are currently in need of 2.5 million naira and need to pay the balance before the end of mid-April.

We are hoping that we will have enough by then so that the procedure can commence soon. We are in desperate need of your financial assistance. Thank you in advance for your contribution, any amount makes the world of a difference.”

Here are the ways you can donate to my gofundme & Nigeria account:

Nigerian Account Details

Bank: GTB
Acc name: Adetola Adelaja David
Acct no: 0225672052

GoFundMe Link


For clarification and more information please do not hesitate to call me on 07038258118

Thank you for your kindness and your generosity.

Kind regards, Adelaja David

Pupa Tee on Instagram: official_pupatee
Pupa Tee on Youtube: official_pupatee

Here are some of Pupa Tee’s sounds

Pupa Tee – For Me

Pupa Tee – Not Getting Younger

Pupa Tee – Money No Go Disappoint

Pupa Tee – Amazing

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