Is Banky W getting Married? Must See!

Is Banky W getting Married? Must See!

CC: @BankyW #TheWeddingParty

Is Banky W getting Married? Must see

I think Banky W is about to get married?, this is what he posted on his Instagram page today! am still not understanding what’s about to happen! this lucky girl i don’t know her yet! From the artwork, banky has a ring on his hands while the lady has none, maybe the event is for proposal! who knows. I know banky loves to bring surprises though!


I’m FINALLY getting MARRIED.. (in a film?).. and it’s gonna be a LIT occasion. If you wanna witness my wedding, and all the drama that happens around it.. (family fighting, ex girlfriends conniving, @frankdonga_#frankDongaing ?, and sooo much more hilarity) follow the instructions in the flyer to book your tickets/tables. U know weddings in Naija are expensive, so please ehn, NO osho free. Get your tickets/tables ASAP… Nov 26th. U want to be there trust meeee”

No doubts Banky W has found that woman he has been searching in Lagos since.

Enjoy this viBe!!!

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