Jesse Jagz Is officially Back With Chocolate City

Jesse Jagz Is officially Back With Chocolate City

CC: @MI_Abaga @Jessejagz @loosekaynon @AuduMaikori

This is really surprising!!! M.I’s Blood brother Jesse Jagz has returned to chocolate city! We all knew he left chocolate city few years ago, the reason for his quit was still unknown to man.  I don’t if you did miss the combination of these guys!


Now Chocolate City Album will rock everywhere soon. It was confirmed on M.I and Jesse Jagz instagram page that Jesse is now back with chocolate city. In Jesse Jagz Words, he tweeted on twitter saying

“I am back on chocolate city. .. the only time iv been this excited was when chocolate signed me in 2009”.


So let’s fold our Hands and watch Jesse Jagz, M.I, Ice Prince Get the right things done!!


Audu Maikori (Chocolate City Co-Founder and CEO) confirmed this one his instagram page!


He didn’t just return, but he came with a vibe, real good music titled “Summer Time” featuring Jesse Jagz, M.I Abaga and Ice Prince. According to M.I Summer Time Will be available for downloads 12 noon on Thursday 9th April, 2015.


Enjoy this viBe!!!

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