Music: Odumeje ft Flavor – Power or Nothing

Music: Odumeje ft Flavor – Power or Nothing

In a groundbreaking fusion of music and culture, Nigerian comic pastor Odumeje has joined forces with the renowned Afro-highlife artist Flavour to release their latest single, “Power or Nothing” This electrifying track is set to captivate audiences worldwide with its infectious beats, comic lyrics, and irresistible melodies.

Combining Odumeje’s distinctive style with Flavour’s signature sound, power or nothing, is a testament that Nigerian pastors can collaborate with Afrobeat artists to produce sensational tunes. With its pulsating rhythm and energetic vocals, the song promises to be an instant hit that will resonate with fans of both artists and beyond.

Music: Odumeje ft Flavor - Power or Nothing

“Power Or Nothing” delivers a hard message of Odumeje’s unreleased powers, likes of Indaboski Bahose, Dabush Kabash, Lefase Fare, Abido Shaker, and Gandusa Ganduja. At the time of this jam, we cannot confirm the meaning of these powers and what Odumeje intends to use them for but for the time being, enjoy this jam 😆🤣

Speaking about the collaboration, Odumeje expressed his excitement about working with Flavour, stating, “It’s been an incredible experience collaborating with Flavour on this track. We wanted to create something that would uplift and empower our listeners, and I believe ‘POWER OR NOTHING’ accomplishes that.”

Flavour echoed Odumeje’s sentiments, adding, “Working with Odumeje has been a truly inspiring experience. We share a passion for music and a commitment to delivering meaningful messages through our art. ‘POWER OR NOTHING’ is a testament to that shared vision.”.

DOWNLOAD – Power or Nothing

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Music: Odumeje ft Flavor – Power or Nothing

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