Music: Tha Suspect Ft. Fela Kuti – Erection (Election)

Music: Tha Suspect Ft. Fela Kuti – Erection (Election)

CC: @daSuspekt @felakuti

it’s Tha Suspect Featuring Fela Anikulapo Kuti on a sensitive track “ERECTION” (Election). It’s described as a poetic expression of elections, theatrics of the nigerian government as regards the farce called democracy. Fela’s Vocals were sampled from the song “NA POI”, Erection was produced by Tha Suspect download and listen to another explicit song that corrects social ills.. it’s Erection time in Nigeria LOL

"Forever Fela", Fela Kuti, Felt Forum, NYC 1986

DOWNLOAD – Erection (Election)

Enjoy this viBe!!!

Produced By Tha Suspect

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