Video + Audio: Skepta ft. Portable – Tony Montana

Video + Audio: Skepta ft. Portable – Tony Montana

In an electrifying union of hip-hop and Afro-beats, British-Nigerian rap icon Skepta has just dropped a sensational new track titled “Tony Montana,” gracing the airwaves with the energetic prowess of Nigerian street-pop maestro, Portable.

Tony Montana,” named evocatively after the infamous character from “Scarface,” is not just a song; it’s a cultural mosaic that celebrates the essence of two hotbeds of musical innovation. Skepta, renowned for his cutting-edge lyrical wit and auditory style, takes listeners on a spellbinding journey with the vibrant support of Portable, known for his dynamic vocals and unorthodox charm.

This latest release signals Skepta’s continued exploration of his roots while pioneering a fresh global sound. Portable, an emerging force in the Nigerian music scene, brings an authentic street flavor that complements Skepta’s verses, creating a synergy that will resonate with fans of both artists.

The collaboration is a rich tapestry of influences. Listeners can expect to be captivated by infectious beats that are further elevated by the genius pairing of these two artists. The track showcases not only Skepta’s versatile artistry but also signifies Portable’s rise from local underdog to an international collaborator.

Set to be a mainstay on playlists and charts worldwide, “Tony Montana” is making waves and breaking barriers, cementing Skepta’s status as a global ambassador of innovative music and spotlighting Portable as an artist to watch.

DOWNLOAD – Tony Montana

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Video + Audio: Skepta ft. Portable – Tony Montana

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