EP: Kizz Daniel – TZA (Thankz Alot)

EP: Kizz Daniel – TZA (Thankz Alot)

Kizz Daniel, one of Nigeria’s most talented musicians, has dropped his latest EP titled “TZA (Thankz Alot)” With just four tracks, this EP promises to deliver a potent blend of his signature style and lyrical prowess. Kizz Daniel has crafted for his listeners.

Thankz Alot” (TZA) stands as a testament to Kizz Daniel’s talent and creativity as an artist. With its diverse range of four tracks and infectious energy, the EP solidifies Kizz Daniel’s status as one of Nigeria’s most exciting musical talents, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what he’ll bring to the table next.

Enjoy the tracklist below!

1. Sooner

Sooner: The EP kicks off with “Sooner,” a vibrant and upbeat track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. With infectious rhythms and Kizz Daniel’s smooth vocals, “Sooner” is a feel-good anthem that speaks about the anticipation of better days ahead. Its catchy hooks and energetic beats make it an instant hit among listeners

2. Showa

Showa: “Showa” follows with a more laid-back vibe, featuring groovy instrumentals and sultry vocals from Kizz Daniel. The song explores themes of love and romance, as Kizz Daniel serenades his love interest with heartfelt lyrics. With its infectious rhythm and melodic flow, “Showa” is a standout track that captivates audiences with its irresistible charm

3. Too busy to be bae

Too Busy to Be Bae: Transitioning to a more uptempo groove, “Too Busy to Be Bae” delivers a catchy blend of Afro-pop sounds and playful lyrics. Kizz Daniel’s charismatic delivery shines as he narrates a story of being too preoccupied with life’s hustle to commit to a relationship fully. The track’s lively beat and infectious chorus make it a perfect choice for dance floors and radio airplay.

4. Twe Twe

Twe Twe: Closing the EP on a high note, “Twe Twe” is a captivating fusion of Afrobeat and contemporary pop elements. With its catchy hooks and infectious rhythm, the song showcases Kizz Daniel’s dynamic vocal range and songwriting prowess. “Twe Twe” explores themes of celebration and living life to the fullest, making it an uplifting anthem for listeners.

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