KCee, HarrySong & Skibii In a Queue for Pounded Yam (Pics)

I don’t really know what movement is this, but i knew KCee was on the streets with him crew few weeks back and sometimes he goes disguised. To show how authentic these guys are and how much respect they got for their culture and where they came from, 5 Star crew Kcee, HarrySong and Skibii was in a queue for a plate of pounded yam!  without minding they are celebrities.

These days, i know a lot of girls would rather die and go to hell than to do this in public.

KCee-Harry-Song-Skiibii-2 KCee-Harry-Song-Skiibii KCee-Harry-Song-Skiibii-3

Enjoy this viBe!!!

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