Which Nigerian Artist Sings the Most Rubbish Song?

Looking at the Nigerian Music Scene, Artists pop up and sing anything without a deep review on their lyrics.

This post is neither a call out nor a verge to any artist, but a call to an improved good Nigerian music. The culture of criticism sometimes makes a music material and the artists better.

Which Nigerian Artist Sings the Most Rubbish Song?

Nigeria is being played in all part of the world and seems to be taking over the music scene in the whole world, and a forecast result says Nigerian music would be played and celebrated everywhere in the world by 2020.

Criticize any Nigerian Song without traces of good lyrics and meaningless origin and which does not convey any meaningful vibes to the listener let’s know whom the artist is! support Good music.

Remember: A well produced music doesn’t counter it’s Lyrics.

Drop your comments and lets see the list of meaningless Nigerian Songs, and don’t forget to commend those who work day and night to deliver good and standard sound tracks to you guys!

Enjoy this viBe!!

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