American singer Pia Mia Accused of stealing Phyno’s Song “I’m a Fan”

American singer Pia Mia Accused of stealing Phyno’s Song “I’m a Fan”

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The internet have been so wild ever since American female singer Pia Mia released her new song titled “I’m a fan” which features Jeremih. Nigerian’s spotted the song to be on Phyno’s Album The playmaker and with same title I’m a fan.

American singer Pia Mia, Accused, stealing Phyno's song, music, I'm a fan

Pia Mia released her acclaimed song I’m a fan on 26th May 2017, Nigerians, especially Phyno’s fans have thrown a whole loads of shades at her on social media accusing her of day light theft.

Phyno released the playmaker Album on 1/11/2016, i’m a fan is the 13th track from the Album, and it features Dercalo and Mr. Eazi, I’m a fan was produced by Benjamz. View the PlayMaker Album/Tracklist here.

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Listen to Phyno’s I’m a Fan below:

On 26th May 2017, American Singer Pia Mia Release a song titled “I’m a Fan” which features Jeremih, the song has no difference from Phyno’s I’m a fan which was released before hers, it was produced by Remo a producer who initially worked on the song before phyno took it to benjamz. Listen to Pia Mia’s I’m a fan below;

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Ever since she released this song, Nigerian’s have been slamming her on her social profiles, the problem is that she’s very proud and happy releasing a version of phyno’s song with same instrumental, same chorus, same rhythm and same tempo! Please is copyright dead? this song is uploaded on youtube and other music platforms.

I'm a fan, pia mia, tweet, jeremih

Hope Phyno and his team takes a quick action as he said on twitter.

This is a sign Nigerian Music is going so far and wide! and from this post made here Nigerian Music is supected to be the most Played Music in the whole world by 2020.

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